Care & maintenance

Cardea Brass

Cardea Brass is an un-lacquered which will tarnish and develop a natural aged look.

To maintain a polished finish we recommend using a good quality brass polish following the instructions on the packaging. We do not recommend general purpose liquid polishes as these leave a residue in hard to reach corners of the item.

To maintain the finish of the brass we recommend the light application of a good quality wax.

Cardea Dark Bronze

The dark finish is applied to solid bronze. A contrasting look can be achieved by gently rubbing areas you wish to highlight with a hessian cloth. We do not recommend the use of abrasive cleaners and also advise that you test developing the contrasting look by using the hessian cloth ideally on the reverse of the product.

We advise that the item is periodically wiped with a damp cloth and the occasional application of a good quality dark wax will help to maintain the richness of the finish.

Cardea Black Iron

Our Cardea range of black ironmongery has been sheradized prior to the paint application to create as durable a barrier which protects the iron to prolong the life of the item.

Normal use of these products will eventually remove the paint so the life of the paint cannot be guaranteed but protection is still provided by the sheradizing which will restrict the onset of rust.

We recommend the product is wiped periodically with a lightly oiled cloth. Oils such as 3in1 or WD40 are suited for this purpose. Chipped paint we would suggest the product is “touched up” using Hammerite or similar black paint.

Polished nickel

Cardea Polished Nickel is a plating solid brass and will generally require little maintenance as nickel is a relatively slow ageing metal.

To maintain the finish we recommend wiping the item with a micro-fibre cloth to remove dirt deposits and polishing with a good quality metal polish. The application of a light wax after cleaning can be beneficial but is not essential. We do not recommend the use of liquid polishes which will leave residue.

White bronze

Cardea White Bronze is a copper, zinc and tin tri-metal alloy that benefits from an extremely high corrosion resistance and will hardly tarnish. An antiqued finish has been applied to the surface to give the product a lovely period feel that with use will wear as a living finish.

We advise that that finish should be allowed to develop naturally with only a periodic wipe down with a damp cloth to remove dirt deposits.