• Peardrop Casement
  • Cranked Bolt vertical
  • Oval Knob
  • Bolt and Escutcheon
  • Rat Tail Casement Fastener
  • Bath Architecture 4
  • Window View
  • Sash lift
  • Sash Fastener
  • Cabin (un)hooked
  • Bath Architecture 3
  • Casement Fastener
  • Brass Handle
  • Bath Architecture 2
  • Bronze handle
  • Bottles and Stay
  • Bath Architecture 1

We create quality bespoke window and door fittings using traditional materials and techniques.

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Our heritage

Cardea ironmongery was born from demand and necessity.  The domestic supply of sheradised blackiron furniture dried up whilst the UK supply of quality unlacquered brass bolts became price prohibitive...

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